Tuition fees must be paid in full at least seven days before the start of the first class.

Cancellation and Reschedule

  1. If you need to cancel a class, please notify the teacher at least 24 hours before the start of the class, otherwise the class will be considered completed and deducted.
  2. In the case of unforeseen circumstances such as illness that require you to take temporary leave, please inform the teacher at least 2 hours before the start of the class. Otherwise, the class will be considered completed and deducted.
  3. Please send an email or message to the teacher to request leave.
  4. If you are unable to attend the class on time due to unforeseen circumstances, please inform the teacher in advance. The teacher will wait for 10 minutes, and if you are more than 10 minutes late, it will be considered an absence, and the class will be considered completed and deducted.
  5. For a purchase of a 12 lessons package, you will have 1 opportunity to rearrange the lesson. For a purchase of a 24 lessons package, you will have 2 opportunities to rearrange the lesson. If you wish to rearrange the lesson again, an administrative fee of US$5 will be charged for each rearrangement.
  6. Group Leave Policy for group lessons: Requires agreement from at least half of the students. If the standard is not met, it will be considered as an individual action, and the class will proceed as usual.
  7. Makeup classes for group lessons: The teacher will record the class and students can make up the missed class by watching the video playback file on their own.

Course Validity

12 lessons package:
14 weeks validity (one lesson per week)
8 weeks validity (two lessons per week)

24 lessons package:
28 weeks validity (one lesson per week)
16 weeks validity (two lessons per week)


Cancel 7 days or more before the course begins = 50% of the course fees will be refunded.
Cancel 6 days or fewer before the course begins, or once the course has started = no refund of fees.


The teacher and student agree that photos and videos taken during the class while learning or engaging in activities may be used on Angela Mandarin’s related social media platforms (currently known or developed in the future) solely for marketing purposes.

We respect your privacy. If you have any concerns regarding the use of your photos or videos, please feel free to let us know.

Note: Please read and agree to these terms and conditions before starting the course. If you have any questions, please contact us before starting the course.




  1. 如需取消上課,請在課程開始前至少 24 小時通知老師,否則該堂課將被視為已完成且被扣除。
  2. 如有任何不可抗力因素,如生病,需臨時請假,請在課程開始前至少 2 小時通知老師,否則該堂課將被視為已完成且被扣除。
  3. 請寄電子郵件或傳訊息向老師請假。
  4. 若因故無法準時上課,請事先告知,老師會等待10分鐘,遲到超過10分鐘則視為缺席,該堂課將被視為已完成且被扣除。
  5. 購買12堂課課程包,你將會有1次更改課程時間的機會。購買24堂課課程包,你將會有2次更改課程時間的機會。若欲再次更改課程時間,每更改一次將加收5美元行政費。
  6. 團體課團體請假方式:須經二分之一以上學員同意,若未達標準,則視為個人行為,課程照常進行。
  7. 團體課補課方式:老師上課時會錄影,學生自行看錄影回播檔補課


12 堂課課程包:
14 週有效期(一週上一堂課)
8 週有效期(一週上兩堂課)

24 堂課課程包:
28 週有效期(一週上一堂課)
16 週有效期(一週上兩堂課)


在課程開始前 7 天退課:退還課程費用的50%
在課程開始前 6 天或更少天數內退課,或課程已開始:不退還費用


教師和學生同意在課堂中學習或進行活動的照片、影片可能會被用於Angela Mandarin相關的社群媒體平台(現在已知的或未來開發的),僅限於行銷目的使用。